Bitwise Bitcoin ETF Investment Case

BITB was developed by crypto specialists at Bitwise. Our firm has a six-year track record of managing crypto assets on behalf of financial advisors, family offices, and institutions, through bull and bear markets alike. We do one thing only, and that’s crypto. Bitwise Bitcoin ETF Investment Case

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The Elusive Spot Bitcoin ETF: A History

This paper provides a concise history of efforts to launch a spot bitcoin ETF in the U.S. and an overview of the remaining sticking points on the path to approval. It also covers the potential pathway to one launching in the next six months, key dates to watch, and the potential size of a spot…

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The $55 Billion Bitcoin ETF: Bitwise Weekly CIO Memo

How much money will flow into spot bitcoin ETFs when they launch? $55 billion. Not all in Day 1 or even Year 1, but that’s my best guess for flows over the next five years. Of course, predicting anything is difficult, and I could be off. But a lot of people have asked me recently…

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Bitcoin vs. Gold

Bitcoin and gold have key similarities and differences. “The role of crypto is digitizing gold.” That’s not a quote from a twenty-something crypto trader. That’s BlackRock CEO Larry Fink, speaking about bitcoin on Fox News in July 2023. He’s not alone. From hedge fund giants like Paul Tudor Jones to crypto leaders like Coinbase CEO…

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Crypto Market Quarterly Review Q3

The best word to describe crypto during the third quarter of 2023 is “quiet.” Prices drifted downwards, with the Bitwise 10 Large Cap Crypto Index falling roughly 13%. Trading volumes were the lowest in nearly three years. Even big news stories—usually a constant in crypto—were few and far between. Read Crypto Market Quarterly Review Q3

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What is bitcoin?

Bitcoin brings money into the Internet Era. Bitcoin is a monetary asset that’s designed for the Internet Era. People get excited about bitcoin because it makes the following changes to the traditional financial ecosystem possible: Read What is bitcoin?

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12 Real-World Examples of Crypto in Action

Using apps like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn comes with a big cost: Everything you create—your profile, your followers, your posts—is their property. To get around this, Farcaster has built a blockchain-based social media platform where individuals own their follower list, content, and username. Read 12 Real-World Examples of Crypto

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Tax-Loss Harvesting in Crypto: A Significant and Underexplored Opportunity for Financial Advisors

Tax-loss harvesting involves risks. These include, but are not limited to, the possibility that the strategy might result in a negative return contribution and unintended tax consequences. No information in this report is tax advice: The simulations contained herein are intended for illustrative and educational purposes only and those considering implementing a tax-loss harvesting strategy…

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Crypto 101: Bitcoin, Blockchain and Crypto

Investors can no longer ignore questions about crypto and its potential role in portfolios. In this presentation, Bitwise CIO Matt Hougan examines the basics of crypto from a professional investor’s point of view: What’s a blockchain? What made bitcoin groundbreaking? And why are there thousands of crypto assets? Watch this video for a clear, straightforward,…

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